If you’ve got profiles on multiple social media networks it can be a bit of a hassle to keep up with everybody and their various updates. Gist gives you the ability to link your address book and your contact list on a number of social media sites together with some email applications (It’s particularly powerful… Read More

Some of the most vehement arguments I hear against social media are from PR and marketing people. They say they don’t trust it because they can’t control what people are saying about them or the spin that may be put on their message once they release it to the webverse. I’m here to tell you… Read More

Image via Wikipedia You may have seen the ads for Groupon on Facebook.The site offers coupons for local businesses by email. “One ridiculously huge coupon each day on the best things to eat, see, do and buy in…(insert your city here)” Not rocket science in itself, but this thing has taken off like a rocket… Read More

NutshellMail is at the leading edge of what we expect to be the next wave of innovation in social media. Applications that let you monitor all of your social media networks in one place and give you a summary of your activities. This is especially important for a company that has multiple people engaging through… Read More

So you’ve decided social media is a useful way to connect with your customers and spread the word about your business? Cool for you. Now how are you going to convince the CXOs that it’s not just a waste of time? I’d suggest you don’t start with “We HAVE to have a Facebook page” as… Read More

Twitter posts can easily be fed into your LinkedIn profile. Share links to events or information your LinkedIn connections can use and appreciate. Don’t over-do it though. Here’s a short clip on how to integrate Twitter on your LinkedIn profile. Tweet… Read More