When Hootsuite came out it was primarily a Twitter management application. People liked it because you could track multiple Twitter accounts, keywords and schedule tweets all in one place. It still does all that but it also does so much more. Hootsuite has evolved to include management and posting to LinkedIn, Facebook profiles and fan… Read More

Some of the most vehement arguments I hear against social media are from PR and marketing people. They say they don’t trust it because they can’t control what people are saying about them or the spin that may be put on their message once they release it to the webverse. I’m here to tell you… Read More

Google Profiles are another way to give people a way to find you and your other social media profiles. Think of it as a hub for your social media connections and as yet another way to drive traffic to your social profiles. Setting up a profile is a snap and you can add your social… Read More

Image via Wikipedia Always thank people for links, re-tweets or mentions. You can reply on the site, send a direct message, an e-mail or a phone call to express your appreciation. Look for a chance to reciprocate down the road. Share a great blog post or good mention of them in the media to your… Read More

Sometimes you find a brand-new social media platform and there isn’t anybody there yet in your space. Take a good look before you commit resources to this new platform, but if it seems stable and they’ve got an interface and “voice” that appeals to you this may be the opportunity to be the leader in… Read More

While it’s important to build a network of social media profiles to grow your visibility, deliver your message broadly and learn from your connections, mega-networks don’t necessarily  pay off  all by themselves. But here is how a large network can really be useful. I have a couple of monster-networker friends on LinkedIn. I’ve tended to… Read More

So you’ve listened carefully and discovered that the people you want to connect with are mostly on 2-3 different networks and many are on both. Now what do you do? Even if you find these deep conversations on 3, 6 or even 10 different networks, don’t engage on all of them at once. Take your… Read More

FriendFeed was initially a place where you could bring your social network RSS feeds into one place and share your information and your favorite links with your friends and see theirs too. FriendFeed helps you share your stuff, discover the stuff your friends think is cool and discuss how cool it is. Seems simple right?… Read More