Last week Twitter announced the launch of Blackbird Pie where you can plug in the URL of a tweet and it will generate HTML code you can use to embed that tweet on your site or in your blog. Previously, online publishers were primarily using screenshots to show specific tweets in their articles or posts.… Read More

Last week we covered some of the basics for how to get started with setting up Hootsuite as a social networking dashboard. As a tool for managing your social networks all in one place, Hootsuite is a web application tool for managing multiple platforms at once. This post will focus on how to monitor keywords… Read More

When Hootsuite came out it was primarily a Twitter management application. People liked it because you could track multiple Twitter accounts, keywords and schedule tweets all in one place. It still does all that but it also does so much more. Hootsuite has evolved to include management and posting to LinkedIn, Facebook profiles and fan… Read More

Image via CrunchBase Whether you are just starting out on Twitter or have been using Twitter for awhile, you are probably aware that “re-tweeting” on Twitter is not only a common action but it’s a desirable one as it means others have found your messages to be worth passing on to their followers and helps… Read More

Taking your social media efforts offline is a logical next step, especially if your goal is to create community and evangelists for a club or organization. Having a party, a meet-up, workshops or meetings on a face to face basis both empowers and rewards your loyal following. Some may step forward and want to create… Read More

Look at custom Twitter backgrounds and you’ll see there are a lot of similarities in what people do. You can only be so creative with a Twitter background because you are slightly limited by the design constraints of the Twitter content layout. Tweet… Read More

Twitter posts can easily be fed into your LinkedIn profile. Share links to events or information your LinkedIn connections can use and appreciate. Don’t over-do it though. Here’s a short clip on how to integrate Twitter on your LinkedIn profile. Tweet… Read More

To send a message to your network in general, just put your thoughts in the text entry box and hit update. Really, it’s that simple. If you want to send a link though I recommend you use a URL shortening tool like tinyURL,, or (Google them) to make the URL short and… Read More