There are applications you can use to play YouTube videos in your FaceBook page but what if you want to offer your whole Facebook channel, favorites or playlist on your FaceBook page? FaceBook doesn’t allow you to place the embed code directly into your page, so you’ll need to translate your object embed code to… Read More

If you haven’t heard of Google Moderator, you’re probably not alone. It doesn’t seem to be one of the Google applications that has gotten much press or online mention. Recently though, Google Moderator was given a significant boost as they announced that Google Moderator was now integrated with YouTube so that you can now solicit… Read More

YouTube just recently celebrated it’s 5th birthday and made the astounding announcement that there are 2 billion video views PER DAY. Releasing videos on YouTube is a great way to increase your online visibility and drive traffic to your website. As the world’s second largest search engine, YouTube videos will often come up on the… Read More

Showcasing your own videos or your favorite videos from YouTube on your Facebook Fan page is easy using the YouTube Box Application. You can use this application to help customize your page and bring in your own content to show off your area of expertise or tutorials. Importing your favorite videos related to niche can… Read More

I love Vimeo for it’s high quality videos and the TV-like quality but it’s not really appropriate for how-to and quick web cam videos. Seesmic excels at personality rich snapshots, and it’s really great for quick video captures of a moment, a technique tip or even comments on your blog. 12SecondTV is a lot harder… Read More

When David Moye was laid off from his job as a writer he decided to follow his passion and transition into PR. He’d done a lot of consulting, but he knew his lack of agency experience would make it tough to break into a new career. He knew he had to find a way to… Read More

Most people immediately think of YouTube when they think of video online. The site has more videos posted than any other site in the world. Unfortunately, people also think of YouTube as a big time suck, even more so than Twitter. How are you going to make it something you can sell to the CXOs… Read More